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Create your closed member network- smart and fast. Interactive, secure, individual.

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A small selection of our reference customers

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What our customers say about Members App

A few examples of cutsomers from different areas and sizes.

Verband kunde members app

With Members App we got enabled to continuously and frictionless communicate with our members.

M.A. Oana-Cristina Petre
Alumni Hochschule Landshut
Verband kunde members app

Our look &feel- our enterprise solution. Members App was a perfect fit for our inhouse communication. The app enabled us to gain more productivity across all departments.

Julian Kock
IT Projektleiter Serviceplan Group
published news
published news
created contacts
created contacts
delivered events
delivered events
sent chats
sent chats
updated profiles
updated profiles

The solution

Pilote your communication with your members through your cockpit and your app. Post news, invite members and receive an always up to date guest list.

Members app cockpit on macbook
Your cockpit:

  • Management of you member data
  • Create and send events
  • Prepare and deliver your news
  • Settings of your organization
Free account

The app for your members to:

  • Read news
  • Join events
  • Maintain their user data
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App features at a glance

Click on a feature button and get all the information about the feature

Events- simple and mobile

  • Invite members to events
  • Join or decline with a fingertip
  • Sign up companions within seconds
  • See a guestlist
  • Export event into your calendar
  • Attach Pdf files to an event


Event feature detail ansicht

Contacts- all member related information at a glance

  • Browse through detailed user profiles
  • Simple contacting via chat, mail, phone
  • Filter after your specific needs
  • Search for other members


Event feature detail ansicht

Profile- Members can update their personal data on the go

  • Update user profiles in seconds
  • Edit types of profile fields for your needs
  • Upload of profile pictures


Event feature detail ansicht

News- convenient and up to date

  • Simple and fast delivery of news
  • Plan and schedule your news
  • Attach files
  • Link into other medias
  • Timeline Feature


Event feature detail ansicht

Chat- the fastest way of members to communicate

  • Face-to-face interaction
  • No interference as in other messenger programms
  • Simple, fast and down to the point


Event feature detail ansicht

Your Cockpit to pilot the apps

The cockpit is designed to help you pilote through all the features within the apps.

No matter if 50 or 1000+ members, companies, events per week. Simple stays simple!

Cockpit news feature
User Data Loader

No matter how big your member related database is, we provide a simple data uploader for you


Create events and invite your members. We designed it so you have all the options you need and always maintain an overview.

Roles and Rights

We enable you to set different rights and roles within the cockpit for every feature.


All your inputs are live within seconds. Your members inputs are visible in the cockpit in seconds.


Upload news and attach further documents

Profile Edit

Let you members maintain their data themselves and save time and resources in your organization.

Preise und Infos


Bis zu
500 Kontakte

49,-€ pro Monat

Folgende Module:

  • News
  • Kontakte
  • Event inkl. Push Notification
  • Chat inkl. Push Notification
  • Profil
  • Verwaltung durch Web App
  • 2 Admins inklusive
  • Support via E- Mail

Bis zu
unlimitiert Kontakte

480,-€ pro Monat
Set Up nach Angebot

Folgende Module:

  • News
  • Kontakt
  • Event inkl. Push Notification
  • Chat inkl. Push Notification
  • Profil
  • Verwaltung durch Web App oder Anbindung an Ihre IT
  • Unlimitiert Admins
  • Automatisierter Email Versand zwischen App und Ihrer IT
  • Konfigurieren der Apps möglich
  • Support via E- Mail & Telefon
  • Eigene App in den Stores
  • Individuelle Farbschemas
  • Individual Software Entwicklung


Bildungseinrichtungen, Alumni-Projekte etc. erhalten bei uns einen Rabatt auf alle Kosten.


Profitieren Sie von einer konstant weiter entwickelten Software, ohne dass Sie dabei Koordination oder Kosten tragen müssen.


Alle Kosten werden Ihnen vorab genannt, es gibt keine Preisfallen oder Staffelungen basierend auf der Menge Ihrer Daten etc.


Wenn Ihnen Members-App nicht mehr gefällt, können Sie , falls nicht anders Vereinbart, Ihr Konto bei uns jederzeit zum Monatsende kündigen.

Any questions? Read our faq

In case you still have further questions please contact us through mail or phone.

You already have a software for your member management?

No Problem! We support you with a generic REST- API. Through the API all the data between the app and your system gets automatically updated. The API is a very powerful resource as we can even send you automatically mails if anything is updatet by your members.

We don't have any software to manage our users

Our cockpit offers you all need in order to manage your users.

IT- Security:

Besides hosting all the data in Germany under the data protection law we do have many more security measures in place such as continuous backup integration, load balancers, access control and so on. Security audits, our code and all means of theft prevention are just three small examples of what we are doing to provide state-of-the art IT security. For further information on that matter please send us an email.

We already do have a website why do we need an app?

A website is mainly used on desktop computers as a web based design will never be as efficient as mobile software is. Another common tool is mail which will hinder you and you member to really engage on a significant scale. The smartphone is the most personal computer available on the market and so on our mission is to give you access to you member at any time and in any place.

Can we test Members App with no strings attached?

Sure! Just create a free account and go ahead!

What happens with our data during our free test?

Only necessary steps in order to provide you a working test environment. After a test we can either transfer you data into another account or just delete it if you wish so. Please write us an email if you need any help regarding transfer or deletion of your data. Under no circumstances will your data be sold anywhere at any given time.

We need individualization and now?

We face individual needs with individual solutions just contact us we are ready!

Do you provide white label solutions with our look and feel?

Yes this is possible. Besides your own branding we do offer a variety of SaaS services for your individual software including continuously development, security updates and individual software development. Just ask!